Welcome to Gammaw Geek and Grammy's Hands. Computers, crafts, crocheting, spinning yarn, weaving - you will find a liitle bit of all of it and more on these pages.

A little pat on the back for me....While working on my own genealogy, I got involved with indexing the 1940 Census for FamilySearch.org. I fully intend to continue indexing for them. S

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About me

I love tinkering with computers. I also believe in keeping your computer safe and secure from Internet varments and doing it for free. 

Free is good.

I also love to create.

So I do crafts. 

I crochet and have written a few patterns. I love to spin yarn and work with natural fibers - wool, alpaca, mohair to name a few. I also use manmade yarns when the need arises.

I  work with wood that nature has given us. I make crochet and Tunisian hooks and other small items from wood harvested after a storm or yard waste. 

The beauty is amazing.

On these pages you will find:

  • Ways to secure your computer from  Internet varments -- cost free.
  • Quality freeware from the Internet
  • The crafts I indulge in.
  • Whatever else I happen to write about.

OUt of the darkness

I will be walking in the 2012 Walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I am on a team with my daughter and her husband, he lost his brother to suicide.
When she asked me to walk with them, I started thinking about it and there have been 5 people in my life that were lost to suicide that had a direct impact on me or a member of my family.
I have a direct link to my personal donation page if you would like to help me with my fundraising:

T-Tom Team Member - Fran

When leaving a donation, if you would like for the person's name to be added to the Wall of Remembrance, please leave a not when making your donation. This will stay with the display wherever it goes.
Thank you for your help.........Fran

Etsy Shop - Grammy's Hands

In my little corner of the Etsy world you will find patterns I have created, small wood items I make, crochet and Tunisian hooks, recycled yarns and other miscellaneous items. Have a look around and if you don't find what you are looking for, you can convo me though Etsy's system. I also do special orders.

Please Note, these pages are in the process of being created, so much of it may not make sense at the moment. Check back for updates.

Link to Memorial to our friend Eileen