Freeware - Software without any cost. That is the right price for me.
I have loved freeware from the very start of my computing habit. andIi like to share with others so they can save also.

Computer Security and protection

If you want to protect your computer from Internet varmints, check out my "Compter Help" page, where you will find antivirus software, firewall software and spyware protection and removal software.

Educational and Children's Software 

Larry Loveland's CyberStart  

The best beginner program for children I have found. This small program teaches children mouse control, shapes colors, and order. You start the program and give the mouse to your child. No mouse clicking needed and a keyboard is not needed.. As he/she progresses through each skill a frame will build along the edges of the screen. When the frame is complete, the child is rewarded with a smiley face. They then put the pointer on the smiley face and the next skill set appears. This program is the best for teaching mouse control and was the favorite of all my pre-schoolers. Even though this program was created for children, it can be used for anyone of any age that is new to computing and needs to learn how to control and be comfortable with the mouse. Larry has a couple other programs on his website,  so be sure to check them out.

Marianne  Wartoft  

This young lady writes some wonderful software. Along with the software above, her programs were always a big hit with children. Sebran's ABCs being the favorite. She also has several websites - one dedicated to her software, one dedicated to educational freeware and the last dedicated to Kids software which may be commercial software. With all the work she has done to find the best of the best, there is no need for me to repeat her work, so I will guide you to her websites to find all the goodies.

Free Online learning

For those of you (like myself) that like to continually learn, here are a few places that will help fill that need to learn.

Small and Medium Business
Both sites have a good selection of classes, my preference being the Small and Medium Business Section.  Classes change on a regular basis, so be sure to check the sites every few weeks. Each lesson includes the actual lesson, assignments and questions. There is also a message board for introducing yourself and asking questions. After completing all lessons in each class you will get a certificate. All lessons, assignment, and questions are printable so you can study them offline. Classes range from learning MS Office, Adobe Photoshop CS2 to  Networking - a huge variety of classes. When you sign up for a class, HP will email you when the actual lessons are available. 

GCF Global Learining
GCF has Tutorials that you can access at any time and actual classes you can sign up for. There is also a bulletin board available for the lessons. Lessons are printable. Lessons are always available and can be accessed at anytime.

In Pictures

Need to know how to use Open Office. How about building a webpage? Well this is the site for you,. This site is much like using the Visual Series books. Each step is in pictutes. Office 2003, 2007, Open Office,  Web Layout and Web Programming are all covered here.

Bernie Poole's Office Tutorials
Bernie Poole has create a series of excellent tutorials for using all versions of Office from Office 2000 to 2010.  On the left side of the tutorial pages are links to download the  actual lessons in PDF format.

Suite 101
There are tons of courses to take such as Grant Research and Writing, Bible classes, Office, Genealogy. HTML, Teaching Children to Write and much, much more.  A little bit of everything for anyone.